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Workshops and Presentations

  • Introduction to Weft QDA. Open source software for qualitative research. National University of Villa Maria. (August, 2009)
  • University Research and Funding. Guest Speaker at Department forum. FAMAF (Department of mathematics, physics, and computer sciences) Córdoba. Argentina. (November, 2008)
  • "Education for Freedom. The challenge remains" Interview for a local news paper. (February, 2008)
  • "The construction of the object of study in the research process" Guest Speaker at  "Problems and perspectives in Educational Research Course". National University of Córdoba (April, 2007)
  • Introduction to N6, Software for Qualitative Research (Rutgers University, April 2004,  ETS, August 2004 and March, 2006, National University of Córdoba, May, 2005, Rutgers University, 2005)
  • Martinez, M. C. (2004, April). University partnership to improve leadership for math and science education in urban schools. Work in Progress presented at the 27th Annual Eastern Evaluation Research Society, Absecon, New Jersey.
  • Martinez, M. C. (2004, February). Principals developing school capacity in urban schools. Work in progress presented at the 25th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum., Penn State University. Philadelphia.